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About CCV


The Computational Cameras and Vision Research Lab (CCV Lab) focuses on:

(1) Computational photography.

(2) Tools and methods for computer vision and image processing applications.

(3) Inverse problems in image/video processing.

Computational Photography:

Computational photography enables exceeding the limitations of traditional cameras and paves way for new imaging applications.  Computational photography uses the computational resources, may involve multiple images and modifications to sensors, optics, and illumination.

Tools and Methods:

We develop tools and methods for computer vision and image processing applications. These are not necessarily specific to a certain application and can be used in a variety of computer vision and image processing applications, including low-level applications such as de-noising and high-level applications such as object recognition.

Inverse Problems:

Inverse problems involve modeling of the imaging process and estimating the input image from degraded observation(s). The restoration process is essential in many applications, including digital photography, security/surveillance systems, medical imaging, and HDTV.